Need To Submit a Technical
Assistant Request?

Do you or your organization need training, resources, or educational tools related to hurricane preparedness and/or disaster response? The LA-HRH can help meet your needs by providing technical assistance. 
  • Simple requests are usually fulfilled by email
  • Requests that need more discussion will be handled by phone
  • If we don’t have the tools to answer your request, we will connect you to those that can
  • We can also provide relevant training and educational opportunities
Topics addressed include surveillance tools and training; disaster epidemiology; air safety; water safety; vector control; mold and chemical hazards; carbon monoxide; responder safety; trauma and wellness support; protective equipment and electrical safety; clean-up procedures; and communication/marketing needs.

To request technical assistance from one of the Hurricane Response Hub Technical Assistance Centers (HRHTAC), please click on the button on the left. A representative from an HRHTAC will contact you within two business days.

A menu of technical assistance services and topics that the HRHTAC can support are listed below.

How can you or your organization engage with the LA-HRH?

TA Services

Most requests can be handled via email between our HRHTAC team and the requester.

HRHTACs may fulfill more complex requests over the phone. This may include phone conferences with multiple individuals or organizations.

As the go-to for hurricane related resources and training for their jurisdiction, HRHTACs may fulfill TA requests by facilitating introductions to individuals, organizations, or other existing resources.

Training and educational opportunities: Each HRHTAC will provide access to relevant training and educational opportunities for their jurisdiction on their website.